Your good night’s sleep will keep us awake!!!


Dormio didn’t just happen. It hasn’t become a leader in the organic mattress and bedding industry by chance. Dormio has worked hard at developing industry firsts. Organic or natural is a given to us, our Dormio mattresses must also be comfortable and luxurious. That’s not an easy task when often two persons share the same bed. So we design our beds to be dual comfort. This is our norm not the exception. This simply means the left side of the mattress doesn’t have to feel the same as the right side. Of-course it can be the same if that’s your wish. You don’t have to settle for a certain comfort level, just because of your partner likes it one way. Our knowledgeable staff can fit each person and look at individual needs.

Our beds last a very long time by nature, so in some of our models we built in adjustments that can be made later. We build-in layers so as life changes and needs change the mattress can change with you. hi

We work closely with our manufactures, we have a few of them, and we try to design the most comfortable and supportive mattresses in the industry. Even though our mattresses are a bit more expensive they offer real value. Designing mattresses is not new to us, after all we have been doing this for years with many of our designs still being sold in the industry today.

We are involved every step of the way in the design and manufacturing of our products. We choose the fabric, the stitch, the firmness and everything else that goes into the design of every one of our products.

We don’t stop there. We have the same passion for everything else that holds our name. Our pillows, our mattress pads and our duvets go through the same screening process.

When we first started in the organic mattress business, we offered 1 mattress and 1 mattress only. You had a choice of medium or firm comfort, now your choices are endless.

Our customers keep telling us that we have a better selection than your standard mattress store and this is exactly what we want to hear. We strive to give you the perfect nights rest.

We won’t rest until you do.

Dormio Organic Beds, Naturally Better

But also better by deisgn