William and Kate


The queen mother slept on it, Queen Elizabeth sleeps on it and now William and Kate will be sleeping on it. Hypnos the holder of 2 Royal Warrants, completely natural and hand-made.

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Hypnos Royal Collection

Deep pocket-spring beds are the trademark of Hypnos. Elegant handmade beds which are still produced by craftsmen, many of whom have worked at Hypnos since their apprenticeship and who all take a great personal pride in the skilled work that goes into producing each Hypnos bed. The skills used by these craftsmen have been handed down through generations and the art of making a quality bed lives on from father to son, mother to daughter, through Hypnos.

Choosing a bed is a very personal decision and one not to be undertaken lightly. When you consider that up to a third of your life will be spent in bed, it only makes sense to spend that time in Royal Comfort. Hypnos makes that perfect bed to suit your specific needs, for a supportive and restful night’s sleep.

Hypnos beds are still made in a similar way to those slept on by our fathers and grandfathers. Every detail on a Hypnos bed is considered; from the natural fillings in the mattresses, to the specially balanced springs in the Royal box, to the expertly cut high quality Belgium damask cloths, to the selected soft and hard woods, to the fine handmade wool tufts. Considered, tried and tested producing the ultimate in comfort, quality and craftsmanship.


Since 1155 tradesmen and women have served their sovereign by providing goods and services, from making regalia to repairing roofs and making fine jewellery. Originally the recognition was in the form of a Royal Charter which was granted to trade guilds, later known as livery companies. The earliest recorded Royal Charter was granted to the Weavers’ Company in 1155 by Henry II. In 1394 Dick Whittington obtained a Royal Charter for his own company, The Mercers, who traded in luxury fabrics.

By the 15th century individual tradesmen were being recognized by means of a Royal Warrant of appointment. One of the earliest recipients was William Caxton, the first English printer, who was appointed King’s printer in 1476 by Edward IV after setting up his press at Westminster.

In 1684 Charles II’s list of Royal Warrant holders included, a Sword Cutter, an Operator of Teeth and a Goffe-club Maker.

Whilst Under George III in 1789 some of the Warrant holders included a pin maker, a mole catcher, card maker and a rat catcher.

By the 18th century if you were honoured with a Royal Warrant you were bestowed the privilege of displaying the Royal Coat of Arms on your premises and stationary.

Under Queen Victoria’s 64 year reign (1837-1901) the Royal Warrants gained even more prestige and honour which they enjoy today. Under Victoria’s rule such companies as Fortnum & Mason, Schweppes and Twinnings Tea were honoured with the Royal Warrants, all of whom still hold Warrants.

To be a Warrant holder you must first supply the Royal Household with unrivalled quality products or services for five consecutive years. The Lord Chamberlain (head of the Royal households) advises the grantors on the granting of Royal Warrants but the final decision rests with the grantor concerned. Thereafter the Warrant is reviewed every five years.

Hypnos has been handcrafting the finest bespoke mattresses for two Royal Warrant holders. Queen Elizabeth II and The Late Queen Mother only the finest quality products are associated with the Royal Warrants and Hypnos is extremely proud to have carried the Royal Warrants of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and The Late Queen Mother for over 37 years. To be honoured by two Royal Households is unprecedented. Other Royal Warrant holders include; Rolls Royce & Bentley Motorcars, Dunlop, Aston Martin, Burberry Limited, Royal Doulton, Jaguar Motorcars, Austin Reed Group PLC, Steinway & Sons and Land Rover & Range Rover.


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