Dormio’s Mission Statement is simple…”Dormio offers the largest selection of Organic/Natural Mattresses & Bedding in Canada”. We have the most comprehensive selection available anywhere, covering a full range of prices starting with our most basic sets, right through to our luxury sets. We use wool in all of our mattresses and in many cases very thick layers of wool to make them luxuriously comfortable. Most of our mattresses can be customized both before and after the purchase through re-arranging or exchanging of layers or with a side split layer (for couples with different needs and preferences).



        manufacturing a dormio mattress


Here at Dormio we have cultivated a culture of openness and transparency
that makes shopping our stores, a pleasure.
We pride ourselves in the knowledge and service we provide our customers.


We are a different kind of store. This is evident as soon as you enter. Our showrooms are clean, quiet and have an air of total relaxation.  We take the confusion out of mattress shopping. Each mattress is on display in the different available firmnesses, clearly priced for each size.   We believe in giving you all the tools available, for you to make a good informed decision.    We encourage you to remove your coat and try our beds. All of our mattresses have clean sample pillows and a clean foot protector for your shoes…… LET THE DORMIO EXPERIENCE BEGIN.

Whether you want to shop by yourself and refer to the wall charts explaining the mattress composition or engage our very knowledgeable sales staff, you’ll find shopping our stores easy.  Our goal is to simply provide you with the tools you need to make the best possible decision. Buying a mattress doesn’t have to be confusing.

Comfort and support are the two most important aspects when choosing the right mattress. We’ll recommend certain units based on size, weight and shape of an individual. When we are dealing with 2 people on the same mattress we recommend accordingly never forgetting about individual needs. You would be amazed on what we can put together for you. You don’t have to settle, we can make your side of the mattress just the way you want it. Dual comfort and support is the norm for us.

So, spend as much time as you want or need when you visit us. We’ll make sure to greet you at the door and make you feel welcome right away. Tell us that you need our help and we will gladly assist you or take your time and try things out by yourself. Everything in the stores are clearly priced and easy to try. Our website is always on and ready somewhere in the store if you want or need to reference something. There’s a small play area for kids if you happen to bring them with you and a movie is always ready to be loaded and keep them entertained while you shop.


We use natural & organic latex, organic wool and organic cotton in all of our mattresses.

Natural & Organic Latex is the most durable, elastic material used in today’s mattresses. It’s ideal because it’s flexible yet stable; it’s absorbent,    resilient and provides excellent heat and moisture regulation and air circulation.

Organic wool is a very important ingredient in our natural mattress “recipe”. The unique structure of the wool fibre makes it both  breathable and moisture wicking. A mattress’s wool layer also acts as a natural flame barrier, allowing the mattress to comply with fire-  resistance regulations.

Organic Cotton is all you will ever find covering our mattresses, grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. It’s grown from non-genetically modified plants. Whether it’s an organic canvas, a two way stretch or four way stretch organic cotton we always deliver an amazing feel.


Although every mattress will contain slightly different components, the modern mattress is constructed of 3 basic components.The covering fabric also known as ticking, the padding, comfort or feel layer and the support core.

The ticking:

For years and years traditional mattresses were covered with traditional fibres, such as cotton, hemp, wool or silk. Our modern mattresses have replaced these natural materials with synthetic fibres, such as polyester, nylon, polypropylene, acrylic and polyvinyl chloride. Some are covered with blends of cotton and synthetic fibres.

Almost all cotton used today is grown using chemical pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and defoliants.  The covering is also subjected to a number of chemical applications, such as toxic dyes, water repellents, wrinkle resistant treatments, anti fungicides, pesticides, fire retardants, and anti microbial coatings. Now keep in mind that none of these chemicals are ever listed on the mattress label that is attached to your new mattress.

The Dormio mattresses are covered only in certified organically grown cotton. We concentrate on how the cotton is woven to achieve different feels and superior comfort.  To ensure your mattress is completely organic, be sure to inquire whether the cotton used is grown organically. Being an advocate of organic mattresses, you can be assured our mattresses contain 100% organic cotton.

The padding:

The padding layers insulate the mattress and add structure to the traditional mattress. Theses layers are usually made of polyurethane foam, convoluted foam, synthetic fibre pads and or polyester fibres. The loft or weight of this is determined by the numbers of layers that are put together. They are usually bonded with an artificial resin in order to bind the fibres together and prevent the fibres from shifting.

The Dormio mattresses use different thicknesses of organic wool and very soft latex as the comfort or feel layer. Wool is soft and comforting, great at regulating body temperature and is naturally antimicrobial. Our priority lies in providing our clients with a completely organic mattress to ensure a sleep free of chemicals and toxins.  Followed by comfort and longevity, our mattresses will be a smart and healthy investment.

The core:

Traditional mattresses use a variety of polyurethane or memory foam cores and or steel springs, the purpose of the support core is to hold the body in alignment by pushing back in response to the sleeper’s weight. This is the overall mattress support system. With today’s innerspring mattresses being one-sided the inner coil systems are not lasting very long and they have to sometimes hold two sleepers side by side that have very different body types and weights. Weight balance and mattress longevity is impossible to achieve with an inner spring mattress.

The Dormio mattress support cores are organic latex and while using 4 different densities our mattresses can easily support different body shapes and weights on the same bed. Organic latex is naturally hypoallergenic, super resilient and most importantly chemical/toxin free. A 100% natural latex foam mattress is a completely natural option thus reducing the numerous side effects caused by the chemicals and toxins in conventional mattresses.


Memory foam mattresses have gained quite a bit of popularity in the last few years, its conformity to your body and relieving pressure points have been major selling features. It is important to understand the chemicals involved in creating this type of foam and what the potential health implications of the chemicals may be towards our health. Many popular mattresses advertise the use of memory foam as a selling point, this open cell, temperature sensitive, petroleum based chemical polyurethane foam often claims origins with NASA research. Some of the ads make reference to astronauts using it in space. This of course is absurd since they would be sleeping in a weightless space. NASA never used this product because of its off-gassing. Some companies even claim that they have organic memory foam, making this claim even more absurd.  Click on the article below and read how some companies have been warned about making false claims regarding the cleanliness of memory foam.


Memory foam differs from conventional polyurethane foam in that it uses a high-hydroxy polyol and different isocyanates. The formula for this material also utilizes surfactants, cell opening polyols and additives. Memory foam is extremely flammable and it must be soaked in chemicals such as boric acid or polybrominated diphenyl ethers to reduce the flammability. These chemicals have not been evaluated for their short term or long term health risks. Boric acid has become a standard method of reducing flammability of cotton fibres. In order to ensure even distribution and adherence to the cotton fibres, the boric acid is ground into a very fine powder prior to application. Now keep in mind that boric acid is a known poisonous pesticide and insecticide. This chemical is known for many health risks including genital damage, brain damage, anemia, infertility and birth defects. One agency in the USA reports that breathing moderate levels of boron can result in irritation to the nose, throat and eyes. Reproductive effects such as low sperm count were seen in men exposed to boron over a long period of time. Why expose yourself to this?

A safe and healthier alternative to memory foam mattress is a latex foam mattress. While memory foam is created from a mixture of chemicals, latex foam is made from the liquid taken from a rubber tree, it has no chemical compounds. Due to the flammability of memory foam, it is impossible for it to be truly organic; boric acid is needed to be used to reduce the flammability. Our natural & organic latex mattresses meet flammability standards by using wool beneath the exterior cover. Wool is a natural fire retardant and does not require additional chemicals treatments. We use organic wool to pad the latex foam mattress and then use organic cotton to cover the wool. This mixture of organic components leads to truly natural & organic latex mattresses which are superior in quality and comfort.

In our organic latex mattress line up, we us 4 different latex densities, different thicknesses of carded wool and different types of organic cotton.  This allows us to create a wide range of organic mattress types and feels. We create this without the use of chemicals.

Dormio Organic Beds has a wide range of organic mattresses and sleeping products for adults, children and babies. We are firm believers in not only having a comfortable sleep but more importantly a healthy one. Your mattress should not have the potential to be harmful to your health and all consumers should do their due diligence in understanding what their mattress is made of.

You want to buy an Organic Mattress because you want to improve your health and lifestyle.
Chances are, you are concerned about saving the Earth as well.
Not only are Dormio Organic Mattresses good for you, they are also a good choice for the environment. The following explains why we not only use products that differ from traditional mattress components, but how we also ensure the choices we make are the most environmentally sound… (click here for more)

Here at Dormio we have cultivated a culture of openness and transparency
that makes shopping our stores, a pleasure.
We pride ourselves in the knowledge and service we provide our customers.