Why do we use wool from Argentina?


All Dormio Premium mattresses use 100% organic wool fillings and batting from Argentina.

The pure wool used in the quilting process is shorn from sheep that have grazed only in pastures free from pesticides and herbicides.  The wool is washed without detergents, chemicals, chlorine or bleach  just hot water and soap.  It is processed without the use of oils or bonding agents, so it just doesn’t get any purer than that.

With the craftsmanship born of centuries of experience, the company processes the raw fleece into a high quality end-product through careful sorting, washing and drying  a 100% organic process that does not involve the use of any chemicals or bleach.  The wool fibre produced retains 1 – 2% lanolin oil; a completely natural dust-mite repellent.

This wool comes from Argentina, in the region of Tierra Del Fuego in Patagonia.

The sheep are bred carefully and live a stress-free life, the Estencia (farms) are very large, 50km x 50km, this means that they only encounter humans twice a year, once to do the de-worming and once to get shaved.

The climate in Patagonia is very dry, filled with short grubs and rocks.  Because of this climate, no agriculture has ever grown on this land, leaving the soil pure and organic.  The temperature ranges between 8°C and 25°C, keeping their furs thick all year round.

The type of sheep is called Corriedale, they provide a wool that is denser, more resilient to its shape and that has a rough finish.  All these properties are excellent for mattresses, pillows and comforters.

The Dormio products are very carefully monitored by our manufacturer. Plastic, baling twine, mothballs or strong chemical are never used to remove impurities .  Vegetable based soaps and other agents are used for washing, lubrication and static control.

All the wool used to manufacture this batting is certified through OIA and GOTS, both being the strongest independent Organic Certifiers in the World.





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