What’s in a mattress…….?


What’s in a mattress……?

Today’s mattresses are not like the ones that were manufactured 50 years ago. Today’s mattresses contain flame retardants, petroleum base foams, plastics, vinyls, fungicides and pesticides. A lot of mattresses are manufactured almost entirely of raw ingredients from the petroleum industry. These ingredients are then made into synthetics such as visco-elastic and polyurethane foams possibly containing TDI (toluene discarnate, which has been labelled a hazardous material.)

Research suggests that continuous exposure to these chemicals is making a lot of us very sick. Petroleum chemical exposure can weaken or damage the immune and nervous system and, countless studies have linked it to autoimmune disorders. There is a connection between respiratory irritation and health problems and the volatile compounds emitted from petroleum.

More research shows that flame retardant toxic chemicals like PBDE, or polybrominated diphenyl ether, are reaching levels in human bodies quicker than did DDT and PCB’s in the 1950’s, which were eventually banned in the 1970’s. Researchers say flame retardants have a subtle effect on children’s intelligence by passing through the placenta and being absorbed by the foetus. Several studies have shown there is a doubling in concentration of PBDE’s every two to five years in people throughout North America.

While you sleep you may also be inhaling toxic fumes from certain glues used to manufacture mattresses. These adhesives may irritate the skin and eyes and even be carcinogenic because of methylene chloride, benzene and formaldehyde found in many adhesives. Solvents known to cause damage to the central nervous system are also used in adhesives.

If that’s not frightening enough, added to the PBDE threat, unborn babies can be affected by harmful adhesives that are used in mattresses.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, we as consumers have to educate ourselves and understand what we’re buying.

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