What is the Dormio Gold Collection Made Of??


Latex Gold rubber

Latex rubber cushioning was invented in 1928. Latex Gold has been researched and processed in New Zealand since 1953. Latex Gold is made from 100% natural rubber extracted from the Hevea brasiliensis tree, a renewable resource grown in Malaysia.

The natural milky juice of the rubber tree is processed to form a soft, yet durable, material. The honeycomb consistency gives the rubber a true sponge like quality which has yet to be equalled. The latex rubber is extracted from the rubber tree through an environmentally “soft” process. Rubber tree plantations are carefully maintained and renewed whenever required. Research has shown that as the demand for natural rubber has increased so has the reforestation of rubber plantations. This is preserving significant forest areas essential to the conservation of the earth’s biosphere. The latex flows from cuts in the bank of the trees and is collected in small cups from which it is regularly transferred to larger containers.

Latex Gold is 100% biodegradable, hygienic, hypoallergenic, dust-free, contaminant-free and non-toxic. Latex Gold is comprised of a network of millions of ultra microcellular structures distributed across the whole block. This is made possible using the latest micro-vent technologies, which further promotes natural breathing and longer product durability. Latex Gold has been orthopaedically designed to promote optimal posture and superior lumbar support.

What’s the difference between Latex Gold and synthetic rubber?

Definition of “synthetic”

Synthetic adj.

  1. (of a substance or material) made artificially by chemical reaction.
  2. not genuine; insincere; synthetic compression.
  3. a synthetic substance or material

Definition of “natural”

Natural adj. .

  1. of, existing in, or produced by nature: natural.
  2. as is normal or to be expected.
  3. being so through innate qualities: genuine or spontaneous.
  4. made from organic material; not synthetic: a natural fibre like cotton.

The differences!

Natural Latex Gold rubber has high resilience and strong elongation properties which help to enhance the performance over a long period of time. Foams made from synthetic latex do not have these properties to the same degree, therefore also minimising the cost. Natural latex is extremely low on non-rubbers whereas synthetic has about 5% non rubber in the form of soap which is washed out in the manufacturing process.

At New Zealand Foam Latex they have a clear philosophy regarding synthetic rubber and that is We don’t and won’t use petro-chemical materials in our rubber.

How long will it last?

Direct ultra-violet light is often the cause of rubber perishing, but because the rubber is covered with a mattress fabric in all our applications, Latex Gold will not break down. Latex Gold has the capacity to withstand hard wear without collapsing or losing its shape.

100% natural, environmentally friendly, non-toxic

  • HEALTHIER 100% pure and natural
  • ENVIRONMENTAL Made from well managed, renewable resources
  • DUST FREE Best for asthma and hay fever sufferers
  • CELLED BREATHING Air flow helps prevent moisture build-up
  • NON-ALLERGENIC Has natural anti-bacterial Properties

Does Latex Gold get damp?

On average, a sleeper loses one pint (400 millilitres) of water each night. Latex Gold does not absorb dampness from the atmosphere and because air circulates continually through the rubber, moisture is dissipated.

Does Latex Gold rubber get hot?

Latex Gold rubber is very porous and as the rubber is compressed and released, air is circulated around the material. The pin core construction promotes the flow of air through the mattress. The reputation that rubber has for being “hot” has been in connection with impermeable surfaces such as groundsheets, airbeds, etc. as these are made up with an unbroken solid surface that does not breathe and as such, cannot be compared.

Does Latex Gold have harmful chemicals in it?

Latex Gold is non-toxic and environmentally safe. The production staff are not required to take any special precautions when handling the ingredients during the manufacturing process.

Why is it germ, moth and vermin resistant?

Latex Gold is by nature aseptic and repels germs. It is also moth and vermin resistant. As a result, latex rubber is widely used in hospitals.

Does Latex Gold give a healthier sleep?

As well as its hygienic properties, Latex Gold is denser than synthetic rubber and it retains its shape and cushioning properties. The consistent resilience uniformly supports the sleeper while the softness provides overall comfort. Latex Gold is quick to recover its original shape and any motion disturbance caused by tossing and turning is absorbed rather than being transferred from one sleeping partner to another.

Is Latex Gold healthier?

Specially molded to breathe more freely and contour to your body shape, Latex Gold supports your body uniformly, yet yields to the extra pressure and shape of your hips and shoulders, providing correct “spine in line” support. Natural latex has the highest natural bacteriostatic and antibacterial properties, unmatched by any other polyurethane or synthetic foam.

Does it help asthma and hay fever sufferers?

Sufferers from asthma and hay fever are often distressed by the presence of feathers, down or dust. Latex Gold is dustless and has nothing to disintegrate to form irritating particles in the air.

Is Latex Gold expensive?

Nothing is more expensive than a mattress that loses its original comfort in a short period of time or requires constant attention. Latex Gold is practically indestructible, and with correct usage, will last indefinitely and promote good health, all for a moderate initial cost. It therefore represents the highest value for money in the truest sense of the word.

Has it been proven?

Latex Gold is highly resilient and extremely durable, and has been manufactured for over 50 years. It is not uncommon to replace the cover of a mattress that is over 30 years old and find that the rubber is still in good condition.

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