There are very complex definitions of VOC's,  but for our purposes, we generally refer to them as chemicals that are volatile at relatively low temperatures.  They sublimate or evaporate at average room temperatures and can impact the air quality of our homes.  Pretty much everything releases  VOC's, that is why your orange smells so good in the morning.  We are more concerned with dangerous or toxic VOC's that over time degrade the air quality of your home and possibly your health.  Formaldehyde is one of the worst and most pervasive toxic VOC's encountered in the home. Construction materials, traditional spring & polyfoam mattresses and furniture contribute heavily to this air contamination.  Some of the worst offenders are press board, plywood and polyurethane foams. Choosing natural materials such as hard wood furniture, wool and natural latex, along with low VOC construction materials are a great start to protecting your family form these harmful gasses.  An air cleaner specifically made to remove toxic VOC's is another great layer of protection. Formaldehyde with circle cross  trees in field with check mark