We Love Answering Questions…especially ones about organic latex mattresses


Here’s a whole bunch of questions people ask me often!

What is a healthy bed? Are healthy beds really that important? Where do you buy a healthy bed?

Are they worth the investment? Is organic really better?

I’ll try to answer these and many more questions in this blog and future ones.

With so much green washing going on today, it can sometimes be difficult to find companies with a vision and integrity to provide genuine organic mattresses and bedding.

How can the same retail store sell memory foam mattresses and organic latex foam mattresses side by side? Many retailers do. Where’s their integrity? Dormio Organic Beds realizes the health benefits of organic beds and that is the reason this is all we sell to our clients. In fact, our families sleep on the same organic latex foam mattresses we sell at our store.

People are beginning to realize that the health of their home impacts the health of their family. But with so many poor quality and toxic consumer products on the market, most people have no way of knowing what they are exposing themselves to. Labels rarely show list of dangerous chemicals that go into making a product.

The chemical composition of most popular mattresses, such as memory foam can be scary.

We spent about one third of our lives in bed. Children, the elderly and the sick spend even more.

Sleep is when the body heals itself and gets rid of toxins. Anything that prevents us from sleeping properly impacts the other 2/3 of our life. Our bed can be the cause of many problems.

Many popular beds available today are a chemical nightmare. When sleeping on a mattress containing polyurethane foam many people report experiencing restless sleep, frequent waking, insomnia, and waking up in the morning feeling groggy. Though not life threatening, they can certainly make a person less productive during the day…  so if you are sleeping on a mattress or pillow containing polyurethane you may be breathing in and absorbing through your skin various chemicals all night, every night.

If you care about your health it’s important for you to know what you are sleeping on.

At Dormio we offer the largest selection of organic latex mattresses in Toronto. Let your body heal and detox while you sleep, like it was meant to do.