Very Time Sensitive Offer


Very Time sensitive offer

This sale will not be repeated this year

good ’til Tuesday May 31st

We’ve put together what we call “wool comfort package

It consists of a Natura classic comfort wool topper, a Natura classic all season wool duvet and Natura cloud wool pillow.

The Natura Classic Comfort Mattress Topper invites an easier drift to dreamland. A layer of Natura Wool wicks away moisture to keep bedding temperature cozy without overheating and naturally banish sleep disturbing allergens. Joints and muscles will be soothed by the plush feel of this topper, allowing for a deeper, more restorative sleep. The unbleached, 100% cotton cover keeps your bedding fresh and breathable. Now that’s comfort.

The Natura Classic All Season Duvet enfolds you in the healthy embrace of all-natural cotton and wool. A cozy 3.65 lb Natura Wool layer wicks away moisture to keep bedding fresh and temperature regulated, no matter the season. This dry sleep environment diminishes night time allergens for a restful, sniffle free nights rest. The soothing, 100% cotton cover is quilted to eliminate shifting and hollow spots, for constant, delicious comfort.

The Natura Cloud pillow is filled with pure virgin wool, Natura’s hypoallergenic wool-filled pillows help to regulate temperature so you sleep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Breathe easier and sleep soundly cradled in luxurious comfort. Take control of your sleep with a wool-filled pillow from Natura.

Stop sweating at night, take advantage of this great value package.

Surround yourself in wool. Sleep better…live better

Dormio Organic Beds…naturally better

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