Is it time for a new pillow?


Waking up with a tight, stiff or achy neck even after a full nights sleep?  Do you suffer from allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, red, itchy eyes?  It could be time to consider a new organic or natural pillow.

Feather filled pillows can contribute to allergy symptoms unless the feathers have been thoroughly cleaned by having all the dander and microbes washed out?  These feather filled pillows are susceptible to hosting large populations of dust mites.  This requires a strict and routine cleaning schedule, often involving professional dry cleaning.

A perfect complement to your luxury bed or luxury mattress is an organic wool pillow with an organic cotton cover which not only stays naturally clean, but it is also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Mould and mildew cannot exist in this environment because there is no moisture retention. Wool will naturally expel moisture during your sleep.

If you like the feeling of a pillow with feathers because you can bunch it up to suit your sleeping position, then try a shredded latex pillow.  It offers you a similar consistency and possesses the same hypoallergenic benefits of an organic wool pillow.  Dormio’s premium organic shredded latex pillow have a removable organic cotton cover to facilitate ease of cleaning further helping you to maintain a healthy sleep environment.

    • See the following additional tips for choosing the right pillow.


    • Choose pillows that are:


    • Designed to assist the spine in keeping a natural alignment.


    • Designed with the ability to be fluffed so as to fit the specific contours, shape, and sleeping position of the user.


    • Designed to support different sleeping positions: Back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper.


    • Designed to cradle and support the head.


    • Designed to provide tactile softness.


    • Designed to eliminate pressure points.


    • Designed to allow facial air circulation.


    • Designed as hypoallergenic.


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