Is it time to Invest in a new Natural Luxury Mattress?


Ask yourself:

Are you getting a reasonable amount of sleep but still waking up tired & achy?

Do you wake up with a stuffy nose and pressure in your sinuses?

Does your mattress have a noticeable body imprint where you sleep?

Your mass produced mattress will not last forever. In fact, the expected service life of a spring mattress is only 5-8 years.  At Dormio, we regularly have customers coming in who are replacing mass produced spring mattresses at only 2-5 years. 

Often considered a grudge purchase, most people struggle far too long on an old mattress, sacrificing their health and productivity.

A Dormio Natural Latex Mattress is not only a great investment in your health – it is a luxury mattress that doesn’t have a ludicrous price tag like some on the market.  The quality of the natural materials used in all of our mattresses is of the highest quality, whether you love our simple yet luxurious 8” high Fresh mattress, or the incredibly plush, yet supportive 20” Ashton mattress.

Partners love our mattresses because motion transfer is never a problem and each partner can choose the firmness level that works best for them — no need to compromise!

The service you will find at a Dormio location is also nothing but what you would expect from a luxury store.  We take the time to explain our philosophy, materials and product design.  There is no rush and you have the time to experience the mattresses at your leisure.  We provide constructive feedback on how your body interacts with each model, helping you choose the perfect mattress for you.  Then we will only see you for your organic bedding and when you bring your friends and family to the store for their own mattress.  Why?  Because you can expect over 20 years of luxurious comfort from your Dormio mattress.