The Outstanding Attributes of Latex Gold


No unnecessary fillers or additives are added so that the intrinsic green strength of natural latex is maintained. Some Latex can contain up to 30% inert fillers (eg. clay, calcium carbonate) to reduce the production costs – at the expense of quality, durability and sleeping comfort.

Right through mini pin-core cavitied mono-block without lamination or building, up to a thickness of 15cm. Such a unique configuration reduces body inter-surface contact and promotes maximum natural ventilation which is so very necessary for sleeping comfort.

Latex Gold comprises a network of millions of ultra micro cellular structures distributed homogenously across the whole block, made possible by using the latest micro technology. This attribute further promotes natural breathing, gives good initial contact feel and longer product durability.

Latex Gold has been orthopaedically designed to have posture zones catering for optimal posture and lumbar support. This, together with the complete absence of local high pressure spots, gives total muscle relaxation of the body and healthy rest.

The excellent dynamic properties of Latex Gold synergised by the presences of the multi-million ultrafine interconnected open-cells enable the foam to follow the body contour and respond with the right support pressure to the weight of each part of the body.

Latex Gold is a hygienic, hypo-allergenic, dust-free, contaminant-free and non-toxic product. The intrinsic colour of natural rubber latex is retained.

As only pure natural latex is used in Latex Gold the product retains the (as yet) unchallenged green strength of natural rubber. Its superb flexibility and resilient characteristics at any degree of hardness makes it an ideal match for use in adjustable beds and bed spreads. Likewise, foam sheets made from Latex Gold find a symbiotic application as laminating sheets and padding for spring mattresses.

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