Sweating at night


Night sweats are episodes of night time sweating that soak your nightclothes or bedding even when your bedroom isn’t excessively hot.  Night sweats are a common problem many people experience from time to time. Although uncomfortable, night sweats typically aren’t a sign of a medical problem.

Regardless of the reason, sweating at night is tied to one specific trigger.  This information is not tied to one specific cause for sweating but it is related to them all.

Sweating at night can be explained in a logical manner that will allow you to eliminate this sleep depriving problem.

Sweating at night is simply due to the body’s inability to cool itself down. As uncomplicated as that may sound, there is more to it than that clear-cut fact.

Sweating at night is the very last action that the body takes in its effort to cool down.  Prior to sweating, the body attempts to eliminate heat using different methods. If the required coolness cannot be obtained then the body has no choice but to sweat.

Your body radiates heat and your bed absorbs this heat. If you are lying in a bed where the mattress top is made of foam and your duvet or cover is synthetic in other words you are surrounded by synthetic materials, these materials are absorbing your body heat.

Sweating at night happens because we reach a point in our bed where the bed is no longer able to absorb more heat. The next step the body takes to cool itself down is sweating.

By surrounding yourself in wool you create air flow. Wool doesn’t absorb heat, wool breathes with you.

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