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Sunshine Collection

At the heart of the Sunshine Collection lies a commitment to quality and sustainability. These exceptional mattresses are exclusively constructed with GOLS certified organic latex, providing you with a natural and eco-friendly sleeping experience.

What sets the Sunshine Collection apart is its unique 2-way stretch organic cotton cover, offering a delightful blend of softness and durability. This cover is not only gentle to the touch but also designed for lasting performance, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

To enhance your sleeping pleasure, our mattresses are quilted with a generous amount of wool, providing additional cushioning and insulation. The result? A bed that cradles you in comfort and maintains an ideal temperature, making every night's rest a rejuvenating experience.

The Sunshine Collection also prioritizes your long-term needs. With built-in flexibility, these mattresses adapt to your evolving preferences, ensuring that your comfort remains a top priority, year after year.

Discover the Sunshine Collection and elevate your sleep to new heights with a mattress that combines simplicity, eco-consciousness, and unparalleled comfort. Experience the warmth of natural materials and the ease of timeless design – choose Sunshine for your perfect night's sleep.