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Premium Collection

The Premium Collection is our most popular mattress - perfect for almost every body type and very customizable. The dual-sided design allows each partner to choose from 5 different firmness levels, ranging from extra firm to soft. By rearranging the comfort layers, you can increase the support level up to 15 different times!

The Premium Collection is 100% organic – GOLS Organic Latex, GOTS Organic Wool & GOTS Organic Cotton are the only materials used. Beyond the internal layering selections, current or future customization is even greater with our removable pillowtop options. 

Need to make a small adjustment after delivery? Our Comfort Exchange policy has you covered.  

We wrap all of our organic latex layers in an organic cotton sock, we then put them inside the organic cotton canvas mattress encasement that has just the right amount of support and give. The two-sided organic cotton canvas fabric is unique to Dormio, and provides 20 plus years of durability and unparalleled support. A thick layer of organic wool is quilted into the cover for chemical free fire protection, natural dust mite resistance and unbeatable temperature control.

By choosing a Premium mattress with a pillowtop, you can expand your mattress all the way to 15″ thick!