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Decorum Collection´╗┐

Experience the ultimate sleep experience with the new Decorum Collection from Dormio Organic Beds. But what sets this Collection apart is the brand new cover design, which is made of a soft, brushed cotton material that feels amazing to the touch. The diamond quilted design not only looks great, but also provides just the right amount of stretch and firmness for maximum comfort and support.

Our unique split customization feature allows each sleeper to choose their desired level of firmness, ensuring personalized comfort that caters to your individual needs. The Decorum Collection is available in 10" to 13" thicknesses, providing the perfect fit for any sleeping preference.

Made entirely of organic latex, wrapped in an organic cotton sock, with a thick wool layer on top, these mattresses offer natural insulation, temperature regulation, dust-mite resistance and enhanced fire safety, ensuring a comfortable sleeping experience all year round. There are no chemical fire retardants used in Dormio Mattresses.´╗┐