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Comfort Alpaca Pillow

Comfort Alpaca Pillow

The Comfort Alpaca pillows are filled with 70% alpaca fibre, 30% wool and are 100% organic. Known as the greenest animal on the planet, alpacas are raised in natural, organic settings by farmers who are committed to their care and well being. Covered in a silk-like organic cotton, these pillows will make you feel like royalty.


  • 70% Pure Alpaca fibre, 30% Pure wool filling.
  • 260 thread count 100% Organic Cotton cover.
  • Available in Low, Regular and High Loft
  • Sizing — Standard: 20″x 25″ / Queen: 20″ x 29″ / King: 20″ x 36″

Care Instructions:

  • Do not machine wash, do not dry.
  • Gently spot clean with mild detergent.
  • To Freshen, expose to direct sunlight or place in dryer with a couple of new tennis balls, on air only cycle, for approx 15 mins. Do not use heat.