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The proper foundation for your new mattress will ensure that your new mattress is supported properly and not lose its integrity. The slat system in a Dormio foundation allows lots of air flow and will allow you to take full advantage of the health and comfort benefits of a Dormio Organic Mattress. Our foundations also help you to customize your sleep space as they are available in 4″ or 7″ heights, and also available with legs, eliminating the need for clunky metal support systems.

A mattress and foundation are engineered to work together as a set, and the foundation takes a lot of the nightly wear and tear and contributes to the bed’s overall comfort, support and longevity. Putting a new mattress on an old foundation, pairing it with a foundation it wasn’t designed to work with or adding a board between the mattress and foundation will impede comfort and reduce the useful life of your new mattress.

Hand Crafted by Professional Carpenters, Dormio foundations are the best built in the industry. Made in Canada using Kiln Dried FSC Certified Canadian Spruce, Dormio Foundations are also 99% metal free and are also free from any adhesives. We wrap the wood slat support system in our exclusive Organic Cotton Canvas for a beautiful finish.