New Zealand Pillow Pad



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Product Description

The New Zealand Pillow Pad has been specially milled by a new European process to make it completely machine washable without shrinking. Typical wool needs to be dry cleaned or at best hand washed. The New Zealand Pillow Pad has all the convenience of polyester fills, but you can now sleep on wool with all its advantages. Breathability keeps you cool in summer, and cozy in winter. It lasts years longer than polyester. Wool is even naturally flame retardant. (Polyester burns easily because it is made from hydrocarbons – just like other plastic, gasoline, etc.)




100% Terry Cotton cover.
100% washable wool fill.
Snap buttons to secure pillow inside.
Part of our International Collection


Care Instructions:

Machine wash with warm on gentle cycle with mild detergent.
Dry low heat.
Do not dry clean as dryer tend to be too hot for the fibres.


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