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If ordering online, we will contact you to discuss your initial firmness set up.




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Created from the finest Organic materials, the Victorian mattress is 17” thick and is ideal for children and adults of all builds.
Luxurious comfort is guaranteed by the Pillow Top that containing 2″ Soft Organic Latex surrounded by Organic Wool on both sides.
The core is 13″ of Organic Latex combined with Organic Wool quilted to Organic Cotton Canvas.  Dual Comfort Design means each side of the Victorian allows you to choose from 6 different firmness levels — from extra soft to extra firm.  This ensures your partner also has the perfect mattress — even if your body types are very different.

Customization doesn’t end with delivery, inside the Victorian are 4 layers of organic latex.  The top soft layer is supported by three 4″ layers – one soft, one firm, one medium.  Our zippered design allows you to customize the Victorian to your needs now and 20 years from now.  Need something just a bit firmer or softer than your original choice?  No problem!  Just unzip the cover, rearrange the layers and you can have what you want or need anytime, all the time!


Luxurious and supportive Pillow Top of 2″ Organic Latex wrapped in Organic Wool & Organic Cotton.
13″ of Organic Latex Support.
All Latex, Wool, and Cotton are 3rd party Certified Organic
Free from Toxic VOC’s
Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.
Natural Dust Mite & Mold resistant.
Motion transfer is almost nil.
Available in: Many different firmness levels – Queen & King size offer dual comfort.
If ordering online, we will contact you to discuss your initial firmness set up.

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