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Product Description

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The Comfort Body pillows are great for those suffering from hip or back pain or for those who need that little extra support. Filled with 70% alpaca fibre / 30% wool and are 100% organic. Body pillows can help people to recover from pain easily by reliving pressure related with the injury and ensuring proper weight redistribution. Pregnant women can also find body pillows to be a blessing in disguise as it can easily accommodate the changes in their bodies




70% Pure Alpaca fibre, 30% Pure wool filling.
230 Thread count 100% Organic cotton cover.
20″ x 48″

Care Instructions:

Do not machine wash, do not dry.
Gently spot clean with mild detergent.
To Freshen, expose to direct sunlight or place in dryer with a couple of new tennis balls, on air only cycle, for approx 15 mins. Do not use heat.


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