Brussels Latex Pillow

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The Brussels Latex Pillow provides exceptionally resilient support. Designed for those looking for soft, yet supportive pillow. The solid G.O.L.S. Certified Organic latex core gently cushions, providing even support that won’t pack down during the night. The washable removable cover makes it a breeze to keep this pillow clean for years to come.




100% Pure G.O.L.S. Certified Organic latex core.
100% Organic Brussels Cotton removable cover.
Cover is machine washable.
Cover: hand wash,  hang to dry.
Queen size only 20 x 30


Care Instructions: 

Do not machine wash, do not dry.
Outer cover may be washed with cold water using a mild detergent in the gentle cycle.
Stretch fabric by hand after wash. Lay flat to dry.
Do not expose natural latex core to direct sunlight.

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