A peek inside the mattress


A peek inside the mattress

The modern conventional mattress with all the trick features they market to the public are not necessarily better for you when you consider the petrochemical based materials they are constructed from. Much has changed in mattress materials since half a century ago. Despite the new and improved features and designs modern mattresses tote, the main ingredients that go into them are now chiefly synthetic foams such as visco-elastic and or polyurethane that may contain the hazardous material toluene discarnate TDI. In addition, conventional mattresses are laden with flame retardant chemicals and even fungicides and pesticides. The flame retardant chemical Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether or PBDE was banned back in the 1970’s.

Several health problems such as autoimmune deficiency have been linked to petrochemical exposure. Also the volatile compounds that petrochemicals emit have been connected to irritation of the respiratory system.

Breathing in the off gassing from adhesives used in the manufacturing of conventional mattresses in such close proximity to our beds results in prolonged exposure as we spend approximately a third of our lifetimes in our beds. Many of these glues can be carginogenic due to their formulations including substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and methylene chloride and can also cause eye and skin irritation. Adhesives can also contain solvents that are known to damage the central nervous system.

Our organic natural latex mattresses and organic pillows, natural pillows and natural bedding products are made without visco-elastic or polyurethane foams. We simply use natural or organic materials.

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