How Organic Latex Luxury mattresses are made


What Is Organic Latex?

Organic latex is the natural latex that comes from a rubber tree grown organically, without pesticides or other harmful chemicals. (Therefore, it can be said that all organic latex is natural but not all natural latex is organic.) 

The best products meet the Global Organic Latex Standard or GOLS. This ensures the buyer that the latex has been sourced ethically and is manufactured in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. The origin of products without certification cannot be proven, which is why organic certification is vital when shopping for an organic latex mattress. 

How Is Organic Latex Harvested?

Seeds are allowed to grow for roughly 18 months after which a bud is grafted to the plant. The seedling is then ready to be replanted and the tree is looked after until it’s mature enough to be tapped. 

Once the tree is ready to be harvested, the latex, which appears as a cloudy white liquid, is collected by making an incision on a thin piece of bark. (The incision needs to be made very carefully as too deep a cut can irreparably damage the tree.) A container is placed near the cut into which the material drips. This is a time-consuming process that takes roughly three hours to produce nearly a cup of latex. This process, known as tapping, is repeated every day by making a cut just below the old one. Once one side has been cut completely, the tapper moves on to the other to allow the previous side to heal. 

To stop the liquid latex from coagulating, tappers often use a preservative before transporting the material to factories where it is checked for quality and purity. The tree takes around seven years to reach maturity, after which it can be tapped for nearly 30 years. 

How Are Organic Latex Mattresses Produced?

There are two different methods that can be used in the production of natural luxury latex mattresses and organic luxury latex mattresses. The original, more established process (dating back over 75 years) is known as the Dunlop method. The newer, more involved process is known as the Talalay method.

In the Dunlop method, liquid latex taken from the sap of rubber trees is “whipped” with air until it becomes wet foam. Then it is poured into a mold, hardened, and vulcanized.

In the Talalay process, the wet latex foam is also poured into a mold with extra room left at the top of the mold. The mold is then sealed; air is vacuumed out of the mold, which causes the foam to expand to fill the empty space inside the mold. The mold is put through a freezing process and quickly vulcanized, locking in the expanded structure of the foam.

Generally, organic luxury latex mattresses have only one piece of latex. At Dormio our organic luxury mattresses consist of anywhere from two to eight pieces of natural latex or organic latex. The core of the luxury mattress, which provides the underlying support, tends to be about 6″ thick and is typically made from relatively dense latex. On top of that are the “comfort” layers which are designed to give the bed a softer feel and to relieve pressure points and typically are made from softer natural latex or organic latex. 

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Organic Latex Mattresses are Expensive. Are They Worth the Investment?

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits of organic latex mattresses. Since latex is a naturally-sourced material that is harvested sustainably, it doesn’t harm the environment.  

Not sure if an organic latex mattress is worth the price you pay for them? Consider these benefits. 

  1. They’re Comfortable

Organic latex mattresses provide a sleeping surface that is comfortable yet firm, with adequate support for all parts of the body. Since organic latex is highly elastic, mattresses made with it can conform to any body type and create a cozy environment that allows you a restful night’s sleep. This is the primary reason why these mattresses are recommended to those with musculoskeletal disorders, to find relief. Organic latex mattresses also support the body’s different pressure points, such as the hips, neck and shoulders, which is essential to a peaceful and comfortable sleep. 

Organic Latex Mattresses are Comfortable
  1. They’re Safe

Another advantage of owning an organic latex mattress is that you avoid the harmful chemicals used to produce synthetic mattresses. In the past, most mattresses were treated with fire retardant chemicals which can negatively impact our health when we’re exposed to them over a long period of time. These mattresses emit fumes we inhale as we sleep which are known to impair memory and cause fatigue and hyperactivity, among other conditions. Organic latex mattresses aren’t treated with any such chemicals, making them a safer alternative for you and your family. If you’re still using an old mattress, consider changing to an organic latex one. 

  1. They’re Resilient

Organically-produced rubber is a robust material used in numerous types of mattresses, but the ones with organic latex are generally the most durable. Since these mattresses don’t lose their original shape and hold the body’s contours, they remain comfortable longer. When a mattress loses its firmness and ability to hold contours, it must be changed immediately as it can result in pain in various parts of your body. With organic latex mattresses, there’s no need to flip them regularly to ensure they retain their shape. They are better at withstanding regular wear and tear than many other materials. 

Resilient Nature of Organic Latex Mattress
  1. They Resist Motion Transfer

If you have a spring mattress and live with your partner, or have children sleeping with you, you know how easy it is to be disturbed every time someone moves. However, with organic latex mattresses, there’s no need to worry about being woken up multiple times in the night. The material offers motion isolation along with full-body support and a slight bounce which allows everyone to get a full night’s sleep. 

Hopefully, we’ve cleared up any reservations you may have regarding the origins and advantages of organic latex mattresses. If you’re looking for a durable mattress that offers body support, comfort and won’t harm the environment, you can’t go wrong with organic latex.