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Now that you have made the big decision to invest on your health and buy an organic mattress, you have to reconsider your choice of bedding.

Mattress pads, sheets, pillows and duvets should also be replaced to compliment your new organic mattress. Most likely the bedding you are using now is synthetic, full of chemicals and offers poor breathability.

Here at Dormio we just love wool. Wool is renewable and sustainable, it’s long lasting and has a built-in climate control.

Mattress Pads

Your new organic mattress should be protected, we offer a variety options in this department.

Many of our mattress pads use pure wool, organic cotton jersey, organic cotton flannel and a slew of other natural materials. Mattress protectors prevent dust mites, mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria from traveling between your sheets pillows, blankets and mattress.


Your bed should be the best place on earth. There’s nothing better  than snuggling up with your loved one on a cold winter’s night or  lounging in the sunlight on a lazy summer morning. Make these  experiences even more heavenly by dressing your bed in organic cotton or bamboo.


A good pillow can be just as important as a good mattress in ensuring a restful night’s sleep. There are few other products that you spend as much time with than your pillow. The right pillow can help prevent neck pain, upper back pain and headaches. It makes you more comfortable and can be essential to long-term health. Finding the right pillow can be an adventure. We offer a huge selection. Let us help select the right pillow for you.

Wool Duvets

A good wool duvet should be hi bulk (trapping lots of air for insulation), resilient and light in weight. A flat, heavy wool duvet indicates poor quality wool that will not insulate well.

The cover should be soft, breathable and allow the wool fill to contour the sleeper’s position. If the cover is stiff, rustles or is hard to breathe through, it means the cover is probably downproof cotton which eliminates wool’s moisture controlling benefits.

Dormio Organic Beds…naturally better

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