New Pillows Arrive at Dormio Organic Beds. Check them out!


Our pillow selection keeps on growing as that elusive perfect pillow is still out there. We have the largest selection of pillows that you have ever seen and yet we are still looking. We want to make sure that whatever you need in a pillow you will be able to find it with us. We have a wide range of organic pillows made from alpaca fibre, wool, cotton, kapok, buckwheat and much more. Choose from carded or knopped wool pillows, shredded or molded latex pillows, alpaca pillows, kapok pillows, buckwheat pillows and then of course we mix the raw materials sometimes to get special feels and supports. Our travel pillow selection now consists of 6 different models ranging from your standard travel pillow to neck rolls to a Dr Bills, with all of the different types of natural fills. We even have pillows that have been designed just for kids. It truly is an amazing selection. We have high loft pillows, medium loft and low loft; we have firm pillows, and soft pillows. Some have zippers allowing you to adjust the height of the pillow, to make it your own. Some have washable covers, while some of the pillows are completely washable. Here are just a few examples of our pillows.

The Premium Organic Alpaca pillows are filled with 70% alpaca fibre, 30% wool and are 100% organic. Known as the greenest animal on the planet, alpacas are raised in natural, organic settings by farmers who are committed to their care and well being. Covered in a silk-like organic cotton, these pillows will make you feel like royalty.

The Dormio Gold latex pillow creates a breathable, cozy rest for your head. The natural ventilation of the latex allows everything to remain breathable for a temperature-controlled environment. 300% more resilient to dust mites and allergens than other foams. The cotton/bamboo blend cover is super soft and machine washable.

The Dormio Kapok pillow offers down like comfort and softness. Naturally hypoallergenic this pillow is great for people with down sensitivities. A side zipper lets you take out or add kapok fill, truly making this your own pillow. Covered in a soft 100% washable cotton cover.

The Dormio Dream Organic Buckwheat Roll Pillow is the perfect size for neck support and very comfortable. Use it as a regular pillow or travel pillow. Unlike fibre-filled pillows, buckwheat hulls shift to contour to the shape of your head and neck. It’s breathable, remaining cool in warm weather and gently wicking moisture and perspiration away. Dust mite repellent.

Come in and choose your new pillow, lie down on our range of organic mattresses and experience each pillow to determine a perfect fit for you. A  We promise you that you will find one that is right just for you and you will be amazed at the huge selection we carry. We at Dormio believe, the pillow is a very crucial aspect in creating the ultimate sleep experience and unfortunately consumers are not placing as much emphasis on choosing one as is needed. To assist our customers, the Dormio staff is here to help you find the perfect pillow. If you are looking for organic pillows to complement our range of organic mattresses, be it known, we are providing clients in Toronto and all over Ontario a healthier sleeping experience. Come visit out showroom today, and find out what a healthier sleep really means.