All new for 2019!

Comfort, flexibility, safety and value define the Classic 6.  A 6″ 100% Natural Latex core provides a medium support level.  Add Organic Wool for enhanced temperature control and dust mite resistance.  The Classic 6 is perfect for kids because the Organic Cotton top cover is removable and washable, PLUS it grows with themExpand to 8″ or even 10″ as their needs change!

8″ of 100% Natural Latex for comfort and safety!  All topped with a generous layer of Organic Wool with an Organic Cotton washable top coverMy side/Your side allows each sleeper to choose from firm or softer support.  Select from two different firmness levels on top!

generous layer of Organic Wool with an Organic Cotton removable washable top cover is just the start.  10″ of 100% Natural Latex guarantees incredible comfort and safetyMy side/Your side lets each partner to choose from firm or softer support.  The top of the Legacy 10 offer three options — it can be extra firm, progressive (soft then firmer) or extra plush.

100% Organic!
7″ of GOLS Organic Latex wrapped in GOTS Organic Wool quilted to durable GOTS Organic Cotton Canvas.  Choose your side — firm or flip the mattress for a softer level of support.  Pure latex comfort, durability, and value for you and your family! Incredible customization options with our pillow top options!

Incredible customization and 100% Organic!  9″ of GOLS Organic Latex with GOTS Organic Wool quilted to Organic Cotton  CanvasMy Side/Your Side convenience so partners each get what they need.  Choose from 5 different support levels.  Make the Premium 9 your own choosing from our three pillow top options.

Up to 15 different firmness levels100% Organic!  11 of GOLS Organic Latex with GOTS Organic Wool quilted to Organic Cotton CanvasEach partner chooses their own support level.  Multiple pillowtop options let you create the mattress of your dreams. 



Updated for 2019!  Now you can make a mattress that fits your body perfectly — your partner as well!!  Dual sided design and Head to Toe customization put you in the designers seat.

The 2019 Gold Collection will be our plushest, most luxurious yet!   A thick layer of Organic Wool quilted to Organic Cotton with a two way stretch combines with a layer of extra soft GOLS latex to create an incredible comfort layer.  An additional 9 inches of latex in various layers and densities will allow you to choose the perfect support level.  Dual sided design!