Natural Latex Mattresses: Benefits for Canadian Arthritis Patients


Finding the perfect mattress can be difficult, but even more so for individuals suffering from arthritis. Besides making sure it meets your personal preferences, your mattress must also help alleviate your condition’s symptoms and allow you to sleep peacefully.

For those Canadians suffering from arthritis, a natural latex mattress may be worth considering. Their characteristic blend of body-aligning support and softness allow those with joint pain to get some much-deserved rest. The right mattress will cradle your lumbar region and ensure your spine remains aligned.

Here are some other reasons why you should purchase a natural latex mattress.

Benefits of Natural Latex Mattresses for Canadian Arthritis Sufferers

Here, we outline a few benefits that those with arthritis enjoy when they purchase a natural latex mattress.

But, first, let’s explore how sleep and arthritis affect each other.

How do sleep and arthritis impact one another?

Those with arthritis have difficulty sleeping as they often experience chronic pain. One way in which arthritis impacts sleep quality is by lowering an individual’s pain threshold. This often results in them feeling that the pain is worse than it might be. This results in a feedback loop that can be emotionally and physically taxing. The increased pain makes it even more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep, which only makes matters worse.

The type of mattress you sleep on can make a big difference to your sleep quality. Hence, it plays an integral role in determining the severity of the symptoms you experience, both while you sleep and once you wake up.

1. Adequate Support

Natural latex provides a breathable and resilient surface, making it one of the best mattress materials. Because of its firmness and flexibility, it is one of the most comfortable materials upon which to sleep. The mattress provides medium-firm support, with a slight sinkage that ensures that the sleeper remains comfortable throughout the night. Plus, it does a great job of distributing body weight evenly to minimize pressure on joints. It can also mould itself to the sleeper’s body contours.

2. Pain Relief

A natural latex mattress can conform itself to your body and cradle heavier areas such as the shoulders and hips to reduce the possibility of pain. Like memory foam mattresses, natural latex does not sink below the sleeper’s body weight. Instead, the material provides a responsive, lifting support to reduce pressure on points that may lead to pain. Moreover, its high elasticity does a great job of supporting and cushioning the back and neck for added comfort.

3. Spinal Alignment

Natural latex mattresses in Canada have the capacity to support the right spinal alignment. These products are designed and manufactured so the sleeper’s heavy parts sink into the mattress, while the lighter ones remain elevated. This also helps maintain the natural curvature of your spine. Furthermore, it helps improve pressure distribution and blood circulation while lowering back aches.

4. Improved Posture

Since natural latex mattresses don’t sink or sag, they help improve the sleeper’s body posture. Regardless of the type of sleeper you are, you can be sure that you will wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed, with nearly no strain or stress on your spine.

5. Motion Isolation

Natural latex is a flexible material that sinks under pressure and returns to its normal condition when pressure is removed. When pressure is applied, the specific area of the body is the only part that sinks, while the rest of the mattress remains immobile. It is due to this inherent flexibility that natural latex mattresses in Canada have the ability to limit movement to one side and prevent it from transferring to the other. So, if you share your bed, you can both sleep peacefully without affecting the other, even when you toss or turn.

Natural latex mattresses provide many benefits to sleepers, making them a worthy investment. Being naturally resilient and highly durable, your natural latex mattress will also last many years while maintaining its shape. However, be sure to look for eco-friendly labels or certifications to ensure you purchase a genuinely natural product.