Natura Eco Refresh Mattress


Natura Eco Refresh Mattress

Return to healthy sleep with the Eco Refresh Mattress. A nourishing trio of Dunlop latex, certified organic wool and certified organic ticking creates naturally pristine, uber-healthy breathing room. This sleep utopia lavishes you in the healthy pampering you deserve.

The Eco Refresh Mattress surrounds you with simply healthy, organically luscious ingredients. The plush Dunlop latex core provides hypoallergenic, anti-microbial cushioning to tame tossing and turning and halt late night sniffles. An abundant helping of certified 100% organic Natura Grow Woolâ„¢ wicks away moisture to keep your bedding dry and temperature regulated while gently buffering sensitive pressure points. Topped with deliciously healthy, certified 100% organic cotton ticking, this mattress holds the promise of fresh, off-gassing free rejuvenation. This natural refuge for healthier sleep tends to you with eco-friendly elegance.

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Natrua Eco Refresh

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