Maybe the obvious?


Here at Dormio we’re big fans of wool bedding. Most of our items have a good amount of wool content.

Did you know that wool is also very popular with cross country skiers?

The most popular material for cross-country skiing is a layer of wool. Wool is a traditional favourite because it’s natural, durable and keeps you warm even when wet.

Wool garments help keep you dry and warm by pulling the sweat away from your skin and transporting it out into your other clothing layers (where it can evaporate without robbing you of important warmth).

Wicking long underwear layers are available in a variety of thicknesses or “weights” to provide different levels of insulation. On warm days (or days when you’re enjoying aerobic skiing styles like skating and in-track racing), a medium-weight wicking layer may be enough on its own to keep you comfortable as you ski. In colder conditions, your wicking layers will form a solid base for your multi-layer clothing system.

Wicking socks (and wicking sock liners) are also very popular to help keep your feet warm and dry.

Surround yourself in wool. Sleep better….live better

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