Maybe the obvious? (part 2)


Wool and skiers was the topic of a blog a little while ago.  Now let’s talk about babies and wool.

If you’re new to the world of cloth diapering, you may have heard of parents using an organic wool diaper cover to keep their little ones dry. However, wool fabric is incredibly dry and has been used for ages as part of a cloth diapering system. Furthermore, wool diaper covers are 100 percent natural and contain none of the chemicals and toxins of plastic disposable diapers and even some other synthetic cloth diapers. For the highest quality diaper cover, you can also buy organic wool.

Why Organic wool?


You can buy certified organic wool and many manufacturers make an organic wool diaper cover. However, you may be thinking why would wool need to be organic? In truth, wool is not like food; food products harbor much more pesticides and fertilizers than fibers. Yet, sheep that eat non-organic grasses and foods will inevitably have small amounts of pesticides and fertilizers in their coat, or in the wool you buy. So, if you don’t what your precious little one exposed to any chemicals whatsoever, then organic wool is the way to go.

There are many types of cloth diapers – some function and look just like disposables and these are called all in ones. However, many other types of cloth diapers have both inserts and covers. Inserts are made of different types of cloth that are highly absorbent. The inserts are primarily responsible for absorbing the fluids produced by babies and toddlers; covers act as the waterproof barrier that prevents fluids from leaking.

Most covers are made out of plastics and other synthetic materials as these do a great job of preventing leaks. However, these materials are composed of substances like polyurethane and various flame-retardant materials. Studies show these to be toxic and even possibly cancer – causing agents. Almost all disposables also contain these chemicals. Parents opt for organic wool covers for those and other reasons.

Wool works surprisingly well for most parents. Wool wicks away moisture and keeps babies incredibly dry. Many parents report also that they love using wool covers because they do not have to be cleaned very often. When baby goes in their diaper, parents simply throw the insert into the wash and hang dry their wool covers. That’s right – wool covers stay so dry, that all you’ll need to do is hang them and they’ll be ready to use again in about an hour. You can use wool covers this way for several weeks before they should be washed.

Wool diaper covers that are organic are a great option for cloth diapering your baby. Although they require a bit of attention, it’s only once in a while. Overall, they’re easy to maintain and contain no toxins whatsoever.

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