May is Gold Month


May is Gold Month

The Gold collection is constructed to provide each sleeper with supreme comfort, long-lasting support to provide correct natural body alignment, and healthy natural materials.

The Basic Components, 100% natural latex, 100% premium New Zealand wool and certified organic cotton.  It can be custom built for each sleeper.

The Dormio Gold Mattress Collection is about better quality and healthier sleep, 100% natural foam latex. Excellent at providing long term comfort, support and correct spinal alignment, it is naturally biodegradable and naturally anti-microbial.

The Gold Mattresses are covered in 100% certified organic cotton with a 100% pure New Zealand wool comfort layer, free of synthetics and petroleum products.

Domio Slumber Land Mattress…for a deeper and healthier sleep

The Dormio Slumber Land mattress is available in firm, medium or soft densities. The 6″ blocks of 100% natural latex that comprise the core, have pin core construction to increase the comfort and breathability of the mattress. For beds accommodating two sleepers, each side can be chosen according to that sleeper’s body weight, shape and any underlying medical concerns.  A thick layer of carded 100% New Zealand wool sits on top of the latex core to provide maximum moisture control and therapeutic benefits.  The Dormio Slumber Land is covered with a zipped on 100% certified organic cotton knit with a certified organic cotton sateen base that is washable.

Available in: Luxury, medium, firm or dual comfort

Dormio Gold Slumber Land Mattress

Dormio Organic Beds…naturally better

Best selection of natural and organic quality mattresses and bedding in the Toronto area!