Mattress Topper vs. Pad – Which Is the Better Choice for You?



Apart from the essentials, there are many additional bedding accessories that can be used to make your bed the most luxurious and relaxing furniture in the house. A good night’s sleep after a tedious day depends largely on the functionality of your bedroom and the comfort of your bed. Mattress toppers, and pads are additional accessories that not only enhance the comfort of the bed but also increases the longevity of the mattress.

While there are similarities, these types of beddings are not the same and choosing the right one easily can only be done if you have a thorough understanding of how they are different from each other.

Why Do You Need Additional Bedding Accessories?

The most basic bed comprises of a mattress at the least. While it is comfortable enough, additional layers can further enhance it. Mattress toppers and pads serve several purposes like:

  • Providing additional support for those with back pain.
  • Protects the mattress surface from getting stained or soiled or torn.
  • If you have a synthetic mattress, choosing an organic topper or pad can provide better insulation as it contains moisture wicking fibres.
  • The additional layers increase the longevity of the mattress.
  • The accessories allow you to change the look and feel of the existing mattress without having to change it and thus, is an affordable alternative.

Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are moderately thick cushioned layer that is placed on top of the mattress for better support to the back and your neck. It is thicker than the mattress pads and can be made of memory foam, latex and a blend of feather and down. You will also come across wool mattress toppers which are of the highest quality and organically manufactured.

There are several advantages associated with the mattress toppers:

  • Customizable

You can change the overall feel of the existing mattress by simply changing the mattress topper from time to time. This is particularly beneficial if you had selected a mattress keeping in mind certain specific requirements but they are no longer important to you and you want a different experience or feel while sleeping. Switching the mattress can be expensive and this is where a mattress topper can come to your help.

  • Support

Those who are suffering from back and neck pain can choose a mattress topper specifically designed for providing additional support to the back. Memory foam mattress toppers adhere to the curve of your back and neck and are particularly helpful for those with back ailments. Hence, even if your mattress is too soft or stiff for your back, the right mattress topper can solve the problem.

  • Longevity

The topper protects the mattress surface from any stains and sagging, thus increasing the life-span of the product. Organic wool mattress toppers even wick excess moisture and regulate the temperature of your body while you sleep and prevent the mattress from getting damaged due to exposure to the sweat and moisture from your body. Mattress toppers require spot cleaning for any stains and dirt that have accumulated on the surface, thus ensuring the product does not sag or stretch while you wash it.

However, it has certain drawbacks as well.

  • Mattress toppers are heavy and can be difficult to maneuver.
  • There is no mechanism to make sure the mattress topper stays attached to the mattress; thus, it can slide and move.
  • Depending on the brand and quality of the mattress topper, it can be expensive.

Mattress Pad

Quilted on the top and thinner than the mattress, the pad is fitted tightly on the mattress with the help of a “skirt” to secure it around the edges. As the name suggests, it is a padding that adds to your comfort through heat and moisture management.

The primary difference between a topper and the pad lies in the material used for constructing them. A mattress pad offers the following advantages to the users.

  • Ease of use

Mattress pads are lightweight, making it easy to transport or attach it to the mattress. Moreover, once attached, the mattress pad is stable and unlikely to move throughout the night, thus ensuring your sleep is not disturbed.

  • Affordability

Most mattress pads are comparatively affordable than mattress toppers since they are thinner. The price depends on the features they have like heating or cooling properties.

  • Protection

Like the mattress toppers, the mattress pads provide protection to your mattress and prevent stains and soiling. Damage due to moisture from your body, while you sleep, is also prevented by this additional layer.

  • Comfort

Even though it is a light layer of padding made from cluster fibre, down filling or feather filling, the comfort level is high. It functions more as a cushioned layer that is soft to touch and make stiffer mattresses more comforting. It even reduces noise due to movement on the mattress as you sleep.

  • Maintenance

Unlike mattress toppers, which are suitable for spot cleaning, mattress pads can be washed and laundered. They can even be machine washed depending on their core materials. Organic mattress pads are also known to prevent effects of dust mites and bugs and you can have a sounder sleep.

On the downside,

  • Due to their lightweight, they are easily damaged. The longevity depends much on the brand and type of mattress pad you are investing in.
  • If you need enough back and neck support, the mattress pad is not the right choice since it only adds to the cushion and softness of the mattress.

Which Is the Right Choice?

Depending on your primary needs, the types of beddings should be accordingly chosen. Keep the following factors in mind, while selecting the bedding accessories:

  • Keep your budget in mind while selecting a mattress topper or a pad. If you have a tight budget, a mattress pad will be the wiser choice.
  • Consider ailments like joint pain and backaches before choosing additional bedding accessories. Choose the options that will relief such ailments.
  • Take note of the condition of your mattress before investing in such accessories so that you get the maximum utility from it.

Choosing between mattress topper and pad depends on the personal requirements and your budget. Keeping in mind the advantages, and drawbacks alongside your preferences will help you to choose the perfect product wisely.