Mattress support for your spine


When it comes to sleep, we don’t always consider how our beds can affect our backs and our overall quality of life. We are on them for about one third of our entire lives. If you do the basic math that works out to be roughly twenty-four years for the average person.  No other piece of furniture in your home is used as much or impacts your overall health more than your mattress.  By choosing the best sleeping products (i.e., the mattress, foundation, bed sheets and pillows) that are available, it will improve your rest and your quality of life.

A poor night’s sleep will contribute to a decline in overall health and increase aches and pains. The spine, in particular, greatly benefits from an adequate sleep with proper support. The spine is under pressure all day especially if the natural spinal curves are compromised from lack of good support at night. A quality nights rest is essential. A poor sleeping surface can compromise this critical repair time and dysfunction can begin to snowball with each subsequent night. An organic latex mattress can offer you the support your spine needs and the comfort to relieve pressure points. Come try one of our many latex mattresses and natural pillows in store and feel the difference. Choose from the soothing colours of our organic bed sheet sets and duvets.