Mattress of a Generation


In today’s age of mass consumerism, we are led to believe that more and bigger are better.  Whether that applies to the supersized fries and the enormous sugary fountain pop at a fast food drive thru or the big box stores popping up all over, we have accepted these things as social norms.

Along the same lines, somewhere down this path we have accepted poor quality goods because they are inexpensive and wonder where all our money goes at the end of the month.  I am sure you have heard the phrase, “buy cheap, buy twice”.  This is trying to tell us to do it right the first time and purchase quality to avoid quantity.

On average, consumers in Canada spent $600 on a Queen mattress SET.  This is something that we spend 1/3 of our time on yet we spend the equivalent to a weekend getaway or a few nights out on the town.

Perhaps instead of buying mass produced low quality mattresses that are poor for your health, some would argue hazardous, and last for only a few years sometimes only months, we should be looking for higher quality mattresses made of natural materials that not only won’t harm you, and that can last a lot longer.  The AVERAGE lifespan of a natural latex mattress is between 20-30 years.

Latex mattresses have been very popular in Europe for many, many years and we are finally following suit here too.

Before we lose the value of quality, we should consider each purchase as an investment.  Buy things like our ancestors did, with the view of holding onto them as long as possible and then passing them on to the next generation.

What are you waiting for?

You can`t afford Not to sleep organic.  An investment in good health.

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