Magniflex Linen Experience Mattress



One night on a Linen Experience is all it takes to finally experience a true “good night’s sleep”. From the very first touch, you can discover its purity softness and hygienic qualities, qualities which characterize fine linen throughout the world. Its real comfort, coming from within, is discovered when we feel that extra special support to head, back and legs. This is also highlighted when heavier weights pressure is applied in areas such as shoulders, pelvis and feet.

The eco green layer offers firm body support for optimum health and relaxation of your back, the diamond shape padded structure offers a massaging and stimulation effect.

The Linen experience mattress supports the body weight in 7 different zones, head, shoulders, torso, hips, legs, knees and feet.  An orthopaedic mattress which, thanks to a slight tilting process, has ergonomic and anatomical features.

The linen cover is easily removable and washable.


  1. Linen padding on both sides.
  2. Allergy free and breathable fibre padding on both sides.
  3. Insulating light cover.
  4. Orthopaedic Ecogreen Soy layer, with breathable channel process on both sides. The waving structure supports the body weight in 7 different zones. Its diamond shape features not only a slight massaging force, but also helps with air circulation between layers and padding.

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