Magniflex Geo Ethic Collection…….entirely “Made in Italy”


Magniflex was born in the heart of Tuscany, where ethics for the ultimate night’s sleep were defined and where nature is the inspiring muse for the collections and the philosophy.

Magniflex is a brand inspired by the Tuscan environment and draws from it not only beauty but everything that can benefit well being and rest. Tuscany is a source of excellent raw materials, expert craftsmanship and the opportunity for a local production cycle, which is advantageous for reducing energy consumption and pollution. The main feature of the quality, entirely “Made in Italy” is the extra care that’s applied to both the products and the future.

Defining Geoethic…

It is innovation, quality, design and research with a strong environmental bond. The mattresses, aesthetically beautiful, possess from the core to the covering, the benefits extracted from natural essences and fibres. The planning, manufacturing and finishing process of all mattresses are implemented within a short production chain, reducing environmental impact along with strict control on the actual quality of the product.


Geoethic is First and Foremost an Ethical Choice

The ecological vocation of Geoethic takes shape within a specific choice: natural materials gathered locally are used, to help reduce carbon emissions caused by transportation. The EU regulations control all the supplies, ensuring the correct manufacturing process. That is how these products are created for the best quality of rest: all developed and produced entirely in Italy by using the highest level of expertise. The essential idea behind Geoethic is simple and practical: the most effective way to build our future and well-being begins with resting in a cocoon of products manufactured in tune with nature.


Covering Fabrics Ethics and Aesthetics of the Mattress

Fabric supplies come within the Italian territory from certified companies who ensure and guarantee their origins, composition and correct processes. The Geoethic collection uses unique fabric designs by selecting natural motives and smooth and relaxing quilting. Labels and trademark tags certify 100% genuine products.


LINEN BIO-COTTON BAMBOO Materials for a Harmonious Body and Environment

The Geoethic collection is made from exclusive types of material developed and designed in an eco-friendly method, ensuring comfort and well-being for our life and the quality of the mattress. Ecogreen and Geomemory are the result of advanced eco-technologies: flexible and hardwearing, they include a mixture of natural and beneficial essences such as essential oils and plant extracts for the prevention of rheumatic complaints, as well as Aloe Vera, well known for its regenerating properties According to orthopedic and ergonomic research, materials like Ecogreen and Geomemory, ease and prevent the most common posture problems during our rest, such as backache, muscle problems and also aid circulation.

The Materials

By sleeping on an Ecogreen mattress, we receive firm orthopedic support, which ensures the correct alignment of the body. In combination with Geomemory it provides an anatomically adapted mattress.

Firmness: Benefit or Comfort?

The firmness of a mattress can be a valuable quality from an orthopedic point of view but it can be a comfort feature for many individuals. Ecogreen always guarantees:

  • correct alignment of shoulders, back and limbs
  • correct and healthy transpiration

Ecogreen has a molecular composition, which eases the breathability of the fabrics and keeps the mattress fresh and dry. Its natural essences which are released thanks to its breathable feature, help people with rheumatic problems. Sleeping on a Geomemory mattress means to sink with our senses in pure comfort and pleasure.

Anatomical PERFECT Support

The spaces between the body and the mattress are gently filled, so that the body structure does not suffer from any tension or pressure on the muscles and the circulatory system.

Softness and Relaxation of the Mind and Senses

Our body experiences a resting feeling of softness and the mind is regenerated from tiredness.

Breathability and the Benefits of Aloe Vera

The new breathable structure of Geomemory, keeps the temperature constant and the active principle of Aloe Vera, which releases upon contact with body pressure, is rejuvenating for the skin.

Vacuum Packed

In 1986, Magniflex® began its rapid worldwide expansion after receiving its first patent in vacuum-compression technology. By roll compressing the mattress, you are assured of receiving a clean and hygienically sealed product. There is less possibility to any damage to walls or furniture when your mattress is delivered. Simply, pull the tabs and the mattress unrolls and regains its original loft within minutes. The overall dimension is reduced by 90%.

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