Our Modular Collections are an effective way of adjusting the support and comfort level of your mattress at any time.


Dormio uses the traditional true pillow top design.  This means the added layers are not stitched onto the one below.  Therefore you can add, remove or switch layers as your body’s needs or your preferences change.  One can even roll up each pillow top to make moving the mattress easier or to take up to the cottage to make that dreary old mattress more comfortable.  Maintenance is also a breeze as  can hang wool pillow tops out in the sun to re-loft and sanitize them.

Our Premium and Premium Plus Collections both combine modular pillow tops with a flexible latex support core design.  Both series have a zippered design and incorporate our internal layering system.  By combining this internal layering with pillow tops of pure wool or a combination of latex and wool, the adjustment possibilities are practically endless.  Don’t worry, shifting isn’t an issue with this design as the friction between the cotton covers combined with a protector & sheets keeps each layer nicely in place.

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