Internal Layering allows you to have many different mattresses — all in one!


*Cambridge mattress shown with additional pillowtops

Our Premium Plus, Premium and Gold Mattress Collections all include our Internal Layering System.  Internal Layering allows you the flexibility to change the firmness & support of your mattress as your needs change.  Built into the cores are varying numbers of layers that can be re-arranged or replaced guaranteeing you the mattress you need no matter how your body and sleep habits change.  Our Dual-Comfort design also means one partner can adjust their side, without modifying the other partner’s side.

Premium Plus Layering 4″+4″+4″+1″:

Premium Plus Layering with Dots

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Premium Collection Layering 4″+4″+1″:

Premium Layering with Dots

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Gold Collection Layering 3″+3″+3″+2″:

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