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Every Body is special — and some bodies need extra customization.





Because zoning can be complex it should be approached with caution, especially if it is possible to accomplish the pressure relief and alignment you need without it.  Zoning schemes that use more than 3 zones may also be less effective in some cases because the zoning differences are sometimes less than the natural differences across the surface of the layer (especially in the case of zoned foam layers) or the zones may not “fit” the specific body type or sleeping style of the person on the mattress.  In some cases they can also be a justification for higher prices than necessary.  In the end … how well a mattress provides the pressure relief and neutral alignment you need in all your sleeping positions in your “real life” experience is a more important guideline than any “theoretical” benefits of a zoned design even though a zoned design can certainly be useful in the right circumstances and in a design that “matches” the needs and preferences of the person that would be sleeping on it.


Enter: The Dormio System.

We start with an 12″ mattress comprised of three 3″ support layers and one 2″ comfort layer.  The layers will be wrapped in an organic cotton cover quilted with 1″ of organic wool. The middle support layer is divided into 3 sections.  Choosing from 3 densities of latex for each of these 3 sections allows us to provide very detailed customization where needed.

We use Head to Toe Customization exclusively in the Dormio Sleep System – click here for details>