Experts agree that latex is the best material that can be used in the making of a mattress. It’s supportive, flexible, resilient and natural. 100% Natural/Organic latex is a renewable resource. It stays naturally clean, fresh and dry for its entire life. Latex is non allergenic, anti-bacterial, fungus free and is a natural dust mite repellent. It always conforms to your body’s contours thus eliminating pressure points while promoting normal blood circulation. Latex is also durable and long lasting.

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It’s Supportive … Latex anatomically conforms to your body’s contours, distributing your body weight across the entire surface, reducing pressure points, while promoting normal blood flow. We are able to work with five different densities allowing us to create the perfect support required for your body shape and weight.

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It’s environmentally friendly … Renewable and Sustainable. 100% Natural/Organic Latex is a renewable resource. It is the milk or sap tapped from the Hevea Brasiliensis – the common rubber tree. At the end of the mattress life cycle, left exposed to the sun, the rubber will break down because it is a natural biodegradable substance.

It’s long lasting … 100% Natural/Organic Latex mattresses last a very long time because latex is extremely elastic, resilient and durable, unlike memory foam mattresses which give out, cave in, sag or bottom out in short periods of time. A natural latex mattress will hold its relative shape for at least 20 years without the formation of body impressions or “dips and valleys”

It’s breathable … Built-in climate control.  Latex is designed to breathe and promote excellent ventilation, ensuring your bed is always fresh.

It’s easy to look after … Latex mattresses never need flipping. Once it’s put in place in never needs to move again.

It’s natural … It is the milk or sap tapped from the Hevea Brasiliensis – the common rubber tree. The milk is harvested in the morning and by afternoon it is being molded into latex sheets. Because the product is manufactured where the sap is harvested we are helping to sustain the local economy and provide jobs without depleting the natural resources of the country of origin.

It resists … Naturally hyper-allergenic, mildew and mould resistant, latex is also resistant to dust mites.