Today our world is awash in chemicals. Daily exposure to chemicals takes many forms; pesticides in our food, pharmaceuticals in our water, VOC’s from plastics and synthetics in the home – even the interior fittings of our car. Today’s homes are so well sealed that while we save money on heating and air conditioning, we also seal in all of the VOC’s released by synthetic materials as they off-gas. Acute reactions to these chemicals include eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, nausea/vomiting and asthma. Chronic exposure can increase risks of cancer, endocrine disruption, liver damage and chronic inflammation just to name a few. So while we can’t eliminate exposure to these chemicals, making smart choices can limit how much our bodies absorb. The gasses released by traditional inner spring, foam and especially memory foam mattresses are a soup of toxic chemicals that your body takes in not only through breathing but are absorbed directly through your skin. This list includes chemicals such carcinogens such as benzene and naphthalene. While manufacturers no longer use PentaBDE as a fire retardant, they are very nebulous about what has replaced it citing proprietary formulas. Industry insiders suggest they have moved to fire resistant fibres and resins that are known to contain other carcinogens such as formaldehyde and antimony oxide. With a Dormio Natural Latex mattress, you can reduce your daily chemical exposure by 1/3. Our mattresses have no synthetic fibres or synthetic latex blended into the latex so you are assured of a safe chemical free sleep. We use organic wool as our fire retardant so there are no worries about any mysterious proprietary formulas. There is another concern with traditional coil mattresses. Evidence is starting to accumulate regarding potential negative impacts on health resulting from exposure to unusual magnetic fields generated by “dirty electricity” in traditional coil mattresses. Being pure latex, that is never a concern with a Dormio mattress. No chemicals, no coils, and unparalleled comfort together in one mattress. A Dormio mattress will give you the best, safest night of sleep you have ever had.