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What's in a Dormio Organic Mattress

Although every mattress will contain slightly different components, the modern mattress is constructed of 3 basic components. The covering fabric (also known as ticking), the padding (comfort or feel layer), and the support core.

The Ticking

For years and years traditional mattresses were covered with traditional fibres, such as cotton, hemp, wool or silk. Our modern mattresses have replaced these natural materials with synthetic fibres, such as polyester, nylon, polypropylene, acrylic and polyvinyl chloride. Some are covered with blends of cotton and synthetic fibres.

Almost all cotton used today is grown using chemical pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and defoliants. The covering is also subjected to a number of chemical applications, such as toxic dyes, water repellents, wrinkle resistant treatments, anti fungicides, pesticides, fire retardants, and anti microbial coatings. Now keep in mind that none of these chemicals are ever listed on the mattress label that is attached to your new mattress.

Dormio mattresses are covered only in certified organically grown cotton. We concentrate on how the cotton is woven to achieve different feels and superior comfort. To ensure your mattress is completely organic, be sure to inquire whether the cotton used is grown organically. Being an advocate of organic mattresses, you can be assured our mattresses contain 100% organic cotton.

The Padding

The padding layers insulate the mattress and add structure to the traditional mattress. Theses layers are usually made of polyurethane foam, convoluted foam, synthetic fibre pads and or polyester fibres. The loft or weight of this is determined by the numbers of layers that are put together. They are usually bonded with an artificial resin in order to bind the fibres together and prevent the fibres from shifting.

The Dormio mattresses use different thicknesses of organic wool and very soft latex as the comfort or feel layer. Wool is soft and comforting, great at regulating body temperature and is naturally antimicrobial. Our priority lies in providing our clients with a completely organic mattress to ensure a sleep free of chemicals and toxins. Followed by comfort and longevity, our mattresses will be a smart and healthy investment.

The Core

Traditional mattresses use a variety of polyurethane or memory foam cores and or steel springs, the purpose of the support core is to hold the body in alignment by pushing back in response to the sleeper’s weight. This is the overall mattress support system. With today’s innerspring mattresses being one-sided the inner coil systems are not lasting very long and they have to sometimes hold two sleepers side by side that have very different body types and weights. Weight balance and mattress longevity is impossible to achieve with an inner spring mattress.

The Dormio mattress support cores are organic latex and while using 4 different densities our mattresses can easily support different body shapes and weights on the same bed. Organic latex is naturally hypoallergenic, super resilient and most importantly chemical/toxin free. A 100% natural latex foam mattress is a completely natural option thus reducing the numerous side effects caused by the chemicals and toxins in conventional mattresses.