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Latex Gold is made from 100% natural rubber extracted from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, a renewable resource grown in Malaysia. Latex Gold rubber is manufactured in New Zealand by New Zealand Foam Latex, a company specializing in rubber manufacturing and research since 1910.

Some manufacturers using the”talalay” process use a very different component. They use synthetic rubber (unnatural and man made). Synthetic rubber can be made from raw materials derived from substances such as coal, oil, natural gas and acetylene.

New Zealand Foam Latex has a clear philosophy regarding synthetic rubber and that is:

“We don’t and won’t use petro-chemical materials in our rubber”.

The difference between the two rubber types is considerable.

Quite simply one is natural and the other is not.

Consumers worldwide are increasingly demanding natural and environmentally friendly products; Latex Gold fits that criteria perfectly with impeccable environmental credentials. No toxic substances are used during the manufacture of Latex Gold.

Natural latex is significantly antibacterial and is non-allergenic, mould free and dust free. Latex Gold provides superior comfort and lasting orthopaedic support.

When you add up all the facts, the difference is clear. There is just no substitute for natural Latex Gold rubber from New Zealand.

May is Gold month.

Tremendous savings on our Gold Collection for the month of May. Twin mattresses starting at $999, the only mattress you’ll ever have to purchase for your child, or treat yourself to one, a queen size for $1499 and king size for $1999.

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