Should You Consider Buying Organic Bedding for Your Baby?


If your baby has a traditional sleeping arrangement in the crib, he/she will probably spend a lot of time in it. This means their skin will come in contact with the materials and fibres that the bedding comprises of. But, are you aware that vinyl or PVC coatings are used in ordinary crib bedding, which are environmental contaminants? Obviously, you wouldn’t want your bundle of joy sleeping on or breathing in any of these toxins, as they can jeopardize the little one’s health. Organic crib bedding is a non-toxic option and will allow your baby to get the rest he/she needs while helping their immune system to strengthen. In the blog post below, we’ve made a comparison between conventional and organic bedding and explained why it’s a better idea to choose organic ones for your baby’s crib.

Choose Organic Crib Bedding for Your Baby

What is the difference between organic and conventional cotton?

Organic Cotton
Conventional Cotton

The primary difference between the two lies in the way that the products are produced and the number of toxic chemicals used in the complete process. Most baby bedding made with conventional cotton incorporates an extreme amount of chemicals and pesticides during the crop growing process. Most of the crops are grown using GMO seeds which are later sprayed with insecticides. Many also use heavy duty bleaching agents and colouring ones along with toxic dyes that are incorporated during the weaving process. However, organic cotton is produced in the following way:

  • They are delicately harvested using 100% natural seeds.
  • The soil used for growing is free from chemicals.
  • Only rainwater is used.
  • No pesticides or chemicals are used during any stage of the growing or harvesting process.
  • Only non-toxic and plant-based dyes are used.

These are the reasons which make organic cotton mattresses a safer option over conventional ones for your baby. Now that you understand the basic difference between the two, here are 5 reasons why you should choose an organic mattress for your precious little one.

  1. Organic bedding is softer

Organic cotton is a naturally soft fibre and when drenched in various chemicals, it tends to lose this softness, becoming scratchy and coarse and can result in great discomfort. If your baby experiences any itchiness, they will be restless and cranky, which in turn will affect your mood too. By switching to an organic alternative, you maximize your child’s comfort as they can sleep through the night by being itch-free and cozy. Also, organic cotton bedding envelops your baby’s body through the night and have the added ability to wick away moisture from their skin to keep them cool.

Perhaps the best benefit your baby enjoys is sleeping in naturally breathable fibre which allows air to circulate.

  1. They Last Much Longer

Organic cotton, unlike conventional ones, last a lot longer. This means, instead of having to buy a new suit every month, you can invest in a quality product which will last a lot longer. It happens since organic cotton’s fibre are more resilient as they haven’t been damaged by chemicals during their growing or weaving procedure. It makes their quality superior. It doesn’t matter how many times your child uses it or you wash it, the bedding tends to age gracefully and not all at once.

  1. Reduced Impact on the Environment

Conventional cotton uses up and wastes enormous quantities of water and in turn, damage their surrounding plants and wildlife. The crop is sprayed with insecticides and pesticides to keep it free from pests and bugs. This results in the chemicals entering the soil and their residue leaking into the local water and contaminating it along with the vegetation that grows around. These are consumed by wildlife who are also affected in numerous ways. Further, the treated seeds of the plant are ingested by many animals, who then fall sick and, in some cases, are even known to have died. On the other hand, organic cotton is comparatively far better for both wildlife and the environment. Since no chemicals are used to treat them and the farmers use recycled rainwater, there is no contamination or wastage of any valuable resource.

  1. Free of Harmful Chemicals

As we’ve already mentioned earlier, conventional cotton is sprayed with chemicals to prevent them from being destroyed. However, it is vital for babies to stay away from such chemicals as their immunity is still under development and these substances can have adverse effects on their health. Their skin is five times thinner, more sensitive and absorbent than an adult. Therefore, they are more prone to absorbing these toxic chemicals and develop skin allergies and irritations. Babies can also inhale the chemical residues from the bedding fibres while they sleep. But, by swapping out conventional bedding with organic ones, you can rest assured knowing your child is safe from such toxins.

  1. Better for Farmers

Along with being excellent for the environment and the baby’s health, organic cotton is great for the farmers that grow the crop. This is possible as they aren’t exposed to any harmful chemicals. Since they don’t use any insecticides and pesticides, they don’t inhale these toxins either. Moreover, GMO seeds are expensive and most farmers that use them to grow their crops go into debt as they can’t sustain themselves. But, with 100% natural cotton, there are no such expenses involved.

Organic bedding for your baby’s crib could be one of the most important purchases you make for their formative years. It will ensure their safety and avoid interruptions while they sleep which can happen due to skin irritation. High-quality organic mattresses are made using high-density foam which helps avoid dust mite and allergen emission. Although it may seem like a big investment, when it comes to your child’s health, there is nothing more important.