How to Shop for an Organic Mattress

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Ask anyone what the most important criteria is when shopping for a new mattress and they will most frequently reply “comfort”. A high level of comfort can be achieved by choosing the right materials in the manufacture of an organic mattress. As a bonus, organic mattresses are safe too.

Natural latex is an excellent core material for mattresses. It is resilient to mold, mildew and bacteria, in addition dust mites don’t find this a hospitable material. Natural latex mattresses provide excellent support and instantly conform to any sleeping position. Natural latex has been proven by pressure-sensing tests to produce fewer pressure points than memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are never organic or natural despite claims made by some. A natural memory foam mattress cannot and does not exist.

Natural latex comes from the milk of a rubber tree; the sap is collected much like the same way as farmers collect sap from maple trees. When choosing a latex mattress it is very important that the latex be 100% natural and not blended latex. Blended or synthetic latex is partly latex sap (up to 30%) and the rest is made up from petroleum derivatives.  Natural latex mattresses are great for light sleepers as they absorb approximately 85% of normal sleeping movements. You will hardly be aware of your partner getting up or turning over in the bed. Its elastic properties give natural latex mattresses the ability to retain their shape and original firmness for many, many, many years. They also offer excellent heat and moisture regulation, air circulation and a metal free sleeping environment

On top of the latex in our organic mattresses we always use organic wool. Wool is safe, natural and mildew resistant, till date science has not been able to duplicate its properties.  Wool is nature’s ideal insulator keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wool can absorb one third of its weight in moisture before feeling wet, yet water evaporates quickly from it due to the air channels between the fibres. Since we produce about a pint of water vapour during an eight hour sleeping cycle wool provides excellent wicking action that keeps your skin dry instead of wet and clammy. These characteristics make it extremely comfortable and relaxing to sleep on.

Organic cotton should always be the covering in an organic mattress. Organic cotton is grown naturally free of chemicals. Did you know that a single pound of cotton will use one third of a pound of chemicals to grow. Do not accept substitutes such as “green cotton, unbleached and undyed cotton or 100% natural cotton”. These cottons are still grown using pesticides and other chemicals.

When shopping for an organic mattress look for a retailer that specializes in organic mattresses, and not a retailer that has one or two on display because they have had some demand in organic mattresses. An organic mattress retailer has a unique understanding of the importance of organic and chemical free materials used in the mattresses.

At Dormio we offer the largest and most comprehensive organic mattress line up available anywhere in Toronto, GTA and even Ontario. We have assisted many satisfied customers in obtaining a more comfortable and healthier sleep. Our showroom and range of organic bedding displays our dedication to providing a chemical and toxin free sleep experience for our customers. There are certain chemicals and toxins we are obligated to face on a daily basis and we don’t have much control over reducing them significantly. One aspect we can control is the environments in our homes, where our families will feel safe and be out of harm’s way. Turning your bedroom into a chemical and toxin free zone is the first and foremost step you can take to ensure a healthier home. Organic mattresses, sheets, pillows and other organic bedding items are important products in this task.

Contact us today and we will happily assist you in turning your bedroom into an organic haven.

Sleep Healthy,