How to Choose the Right Platform Bed


Despite the variety of styles and designs of beds available today, platform beds consistently remain a popular and classic choice among buyers for their functionality, simplicity, and overall beauty. They can be used in any type of bedroom set-up. With the right mattress and bedding accessories, a platform bed is ideal for a sound sleep. This post shares suggestions and tips to choose the right platform bed for your home.

How to Choose the Right Platform Bed

What Is a Platform Bed?

Platform beds have a very simple frame that can be made from different materials like wood and wrought iron. They can support any type of mattress without a box spring. This is one of the most popular styles of bed and is available in many designs with numerous features that fit in with any interior décor. The following are some of the most popular styles of platform beds:

  • Low profile: Platform beds are by default comparatively lower than traditional beds. These are the simplest variations on these beds, with legs and a clearance space beneath them.
  • No clearance: This style has no clearance space between the bed frame and the floor. The space is instead enclosed and usually has a storage space.
  • Floating: The mattress is supported by the frame in the centre and has a very sturdy base, but there is no clearance or storage space underneath. However, these are very stylish and ideal for a minimalist modern home.
  • Headboard: These are evolved versions of the platform bed, which traditionally do not have headboards or footboards. Platform beds with headboards usually have a lower headboard which mimic traditional beds.

Type of Platform Bed Frame

The surface construction of the platform bed frame must be noted in order to buy the right product for your home. The following are some types of bed frames you will come across:

  • Solid surface: This is a continuous surface with holes to enhance air flow. It provides a firm base for your mattress and is a good choice if you need additional support.
  • Slatted: A series of wooden or metal slats are placed horizontally two to three inches apart to support the bedding and enhance air flow. This is the most widely available variant of platform beds.
  • Cross-sectional slats: This is the kind of support you will see in metal bed frames and are particularly common among budget products. However, they are not the most durable variety you will come across.
  • Metal: Certain models have a woven metal surface. This is not very sturdy and can feel uncomfortable through certain kinds of foam mattresses. On the other hand, they work well with box springs and other mattresses with enhanced back support.

Choosing the Right Platform Bed

When you are choosing your platform bed, there are certain important criteria to be noted, including the size of bed, the type of mattress you need, the bed frame type, and how well it complements your interior décor.

  • Go organic

When shopping for platform beds, the materials in the particle board, glue, and stains should be of a superior standard. Often these have a high volatile organic compound (VOC) content and emit a foul smell.  Moreover, people who have trouble with VOC fumes, sleep on a platform bed that is stained with compounds without VOC. Look for organic bedding and stains with zero-VOC content to avoid discomfort.

  • Quality of construction

The bed should be made of materials sturdy enough to support the combined weight of your bedding and those using it. Choose only the best quality wooden or metal bed frames. If you opt for a slatted surface, ensure that the slats are sturdy but slightly flexible as they will support weight better. Platform beds conventionally have a solid surface, but a slatted construction has advantages like increased airflow. However, double check the slat width and spacing to understand whether the bed frame is supportive enough.

  • Customization

You may have specific requirements which call for customization. If so then place the order ahead of time. If customizations are essential, contact a reputable store to get a good deal.

  • Material

Platform beds can be made from a variety of materials ranging from solid wood to particle board. For a long-term investment, it is best to opt for a durable material like solid wood. These not only provide proper support but last for generations, provided they are well maintained. Metal bed frames are also good depending on the quality of the material, joints, and hinges, but tend to dent easily.

The best way to determine whether the material is up to snuff and the bed supportive enough is to visit the store and test it out.

Finding a platform bed that matches your requirements is a trying process. Customizing the bed frame is wise if you have very specific requirements. Keeping in mind the factors and criteria above, though, will help you find the perfect platform bed for your home.