How to choose the best pillow for you


A deep restful night’s sleep is at the heart of a productive and pleasant day and a comfortable natural or organic pillow that supports your sleeping style is part of that equation. The correct pillow can be just as important as a good mattress in ensuring a restful night’s sleep. There are few other products that you spend as much time with than the pillow. The right pillow can help ease allergies, prevent neck pain, upper back pain, and headaches. The right choice will make you more comfortable and can be essential to long-term health. Finding the pillow for you can be an adventure, that is why offer such a huge selection.

A pillow should feel just right and it should be thick enough to fill in the gap between the head and the mattress while keeping the head aligned to the body.

Department store pillows are one pillow fits all, this is like wearing size 7 shoes when you in fact need size 9. Most department store pillows are synthetic or down filled. These types of pillow fills become full of allergens over time and are unhealthy for us.

At Dormio we have over 50 different types of natural and organic pillows, ranging from very soft to very firm and from very low to very high lofts and everywhere in the middle. Most have zippers, allowing you the user to adjust the feel or height of the pillow. Natural or organic pillows are not treated with any chemicals to make them antimicrobial, They just are because we only use natural fills. Nature as a way of making these types of fibres antimicrobial without the use of any chemicals. All of our natural or organic pillows breathe very well and never make you hot. A natural or organic pillow if chosen with care can deliver a luxurious night sleep.

Natural or organic pillows tend to be pricier than your standard department store, synthetic and down filled pillows, but they don’t need to be replaced every six months to one year. They are long lasting and stay clean of allergens for a very long time. A good organic wool pillow can last a life time. Dormio specializes in everything to do with the natural and organic bed. Imagine walking in and being faced with the job of selecting the right pillow out of a selection of 60. We use the process of elimination, this is good, but this is better and this is one is even better. With our help, we can easily make the selection feel easy. Once you’ve chosen the right pillow, most can be tweaked at home by adding or removing as much fill as needed to truly make it your own.