How to Choose the Best Adjustable Beds for Sound Sleep


Adjustable beds are also known as power bases. New models with improved mechanisms provide numerous health benefits. Choosing the right model requires an understanding of the features to determine which is the best choice for you. Getting a power bed can make a major difference in your sleep and health.

This post discusses the benefits, criteria based on which to choose the bed, and the different types of mattresses and bedding accessories that complement these beds.

Why You Should Switch to Adjustable Beds?

Reasons to choose adjustable beds – Dormio Organic Bedding
Power bases are designed to provide the sleeper with ultimate comfort and relief from any pain deriving from bad postures and sleep habits. The following are some benefits that you can enjoy from investing in a power bed:

  • Improved and regularized breathing and blood circulation while sleeping.
  • Sleeping in a Fowler’s position becomes easier as the bed can be raised at a 45-degree angle. This, in turn, reduces the chance of heartburn from the acid influx in the body, swelling joints, and back pain.
  • Using an adjustable bed accelerates healing in postnatal women and others who have recently undergone a surgery.
  • Leg and foot swelling can be minimized by adjusting the bed such that the lower half of the body is elevated above your heart.
  • The bed can be adjusted in several positions according to the convenience of the sleeper.
  • Certain models have a vibration mechanism built-in which can provide a stress relieving massage.
  • Some beds have split sided features where the users can adjust their sides if you are sharing the bed with someone.

It is important to choose a mattress that can adjust according to the contours of the power bed for the best results. While exploring the store, specifically look for mattresses designed for these beds too.

What Criteria to Consider While Choosing an Adjustable Bed?

There are numerous models available, and the features are often complex and varied which make it difficult to select one. Keeping in mind the factors mentioned below can help you determine a good option for your home:

  • Designs

Understanding the engineering concept behind the model you are choosing makes it easier to operate it smoothly. Here are a few things you should check while considering a bed:

  • The number of pieces in the furniture that are flexible
  • The motion in which it can move like swivel or going up and down
  • Bed frame

There are various adjustable bed bases that are designed to fit into the standard bed frames. Ask the seller regarding the measurements of the furniture to determine whether it will work with your existing bed frame. Unless you have a very off-beat dimension of the bed frame, finding an adjustable design to fit will not be difficult.

  • Brand and warranty

Only reputed brands offer warranties on their products. Make sure to purchase your bedding product from a leading brand so you can get the maximum utility out of it. Talk to the customer service before you invest in it to see whether they have prompt service when you need repairs and maintenance.

Once you have chosen a suitable product with the above-mentioned factors in mind, it is essential to choose a mattress that suits it best. An organic mattress specifically designed for these beds is the ideal choice to optimize its health benefits. If you have a quality mattress already, the store experts can advise you best on whether it is compatible with these beds.