Getting Better


We’re trying to get even better……

Certain types of natural or organic bedding products are just hard to find.

Our sheet selection is going from just one type to over ten. Whether it’s organic cotton or natural bamboo bedding that you are looking for, we offer both in many different colours.

Your bed should be the best place on earth. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with your loved one on a cold winter’s night or lounging in the sunlight on a lazy summer morning. Make these experiences even more heavenly by dressing your bed in organic cotton or bamboo. Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton is grown from untreated seeds and without the use of synthetic fertilizers, harsh insecticides and pesticides.  Hypoallergenic and silky smooth to the touch, you’ll wonder why you aren’t already sleeping on organic cotton.

Bamboo is often considered the most luxurious form of bed linen, bamboo sheets are ideal for those who require only the cleanest of bed linens and for those who cannot sleep without the highest form of linen luxury. Bamboo sheets are antibacterial and also antifungal. In terms of luxury, it is extremely difficult to find bed linen that matches the quality of high grade bamboo sheets. They are ideal for people with allergies and those who like a cool bed as they are a great temperature regulator.  We have a variety of colours to choose from.

Sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers and pillow shams now all available in organic and bamboo.

Come check out our new display and be dazzled by our new great selection.

Dormio Organic Beds…naturally better

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